We can arrange marine  towage to & from anywhere on the globe

We have extensive hands-on knowledge of what is involved in towing all types of marine construction equipment around the globe.

Whether you need to transport a Jack-up barge, split hopper barge or any other type of ship, we can advise you on the costs, type of tug and bollard pull required. In addition, we can ensure you’re aware of the potential risks, such as weather delays and insurance liabilities.

Harmony Marine has access to hundreds of marine towage operators worldwide. This includes our substantial and fully searchable database of tugs worldwide, which enables us to quickly see which units are within the area of interest, and provide a highly competitive quote for your towage project.

Harmony Marine provides all its recommendation in a clear and comprehensive summary format. This includes the total price and demurrage rates, as well as highlights how tugs differ in bollard pull and other specifications.


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