Tradition combined with innovation

Civil marine construction can be high risk. It’s vital you have the correct fleet and expertise to get the job done. Harmony Marine has industry experience spanning over 30 years, including 20 years hands-on experience in the Merchant navy, 5 years running a Marine services vessel fleet and 12 years as dedicated shipbroker. We’ve seen it all and we know firsthand what it takes to run a smooth operation. Whether you require a jack up for installing a wind farm or a fleet of support barges, we know exactly what is needed , and where to source it from.

Unlike conventional shipbrokers, we don’t fix and forget. Long after the initial flurry of activity and the charter is drawn up, we will continue to manage the entire lifespan of the project. Our exceptional level of support extends to our network of the best consultants, engineers, technical experts and anyone else needed to ensure the job gets done professionally and successfully. From planning to implementation and beyond, Harmony Marine will eliminate the pitfalls and help you every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

Long after the charter is agreed, we will support you throughout the project. If anything fails to perform as it should, we look after it personally. Eliminating risks and managing the workload is a key objective for us. This approach means we benefit from repeat business and long-term relationships, enabling us to obtain fair ‘value for money’ which is another integral part our philosophy.

Our Mission

Harmony Marine brings traditional broker values into the 21st century. We want to make it an honourable business again after being infiltrated by people chasing the next sale and not standing beside the client throughout the duration of the project. Combining honourable values with state-of- the-art innovation, particularly our bespoke design 3,600 vessel database, our we offer superior shipbroker services drawing on hands-on experience few can match.

Our Support

Marine civil construction demands detailed planning and the correct vessel selection. With our global database, we ensure you have the fleet you need to get the job done. We then support you throughout the project, from identifying liabilities to assisting decision making in the boardroom to providing on-the- spot advice to project managers. As members of BIMCO, we also provide you with the backing of the biggest names in the industry.