Every vessel you need for success

Smart vessel selection assists productivity, reduces accidents and saves you money. With our database of vessels for sale and charter, Harmony Marine can connect you with suitable support vessels anywhere in the world. From flattop & crane barges to dredgers to jack-ups, tugs, survey vessels and crew boats, we can provide you with the support vessels you need to support your project’s success.

We understand the costs involved of getting fleet selection wrong. We won’t simply send you a pile of spec sheets, leaving you to pool all the information and then try to make the right decision. Instead we will draw up a summary sheet outlining the specs, prices and other key factors. This provides you with the information you need in an actionable format ready for the boardroom. The result is that you can make the right decision and avoid the costly risk of discovering you don’t have the ships you need later on.

Our Clients

We provide vessels and expert support to project managers and service owners of all vessel types throughout the marine civil construction industry. Harmony Marine also has unique specialist knowledge of sourcing suitable vessels for wind farm installation projects in the emerging offshore wind energy market.

Our Database

Our global database of over 2000 vessels is searchable by many parameters. This detail enables us to provide actionable summaries on the best recommendations. Your own boat can be added and you can also opt to feature on our website for direct enquiries. Any tugs registered will appear on our tracking system which tracks up to 500 tugs globally.

Our Resolve

At harmony Marine we don’t take the simple route but the best one. Our responses to your requests are structured, formularised and are driven by process and analysis. in reflection of our mission to combine traditional values with innovation, we simplify complex decisions with actionable and logical information that ensures you gain the fleet you need.