Unrivalled expertise and full support

Vessel Selection: We identify vessels best suited for your requirements based on work scope, required bollard pull, deckload and other factors. Recommendations are then provided in clear summary tables, allowing you to easily compare prices, specifications, rates and more.

Wind Farm Construction: We offer specialist knowledge of sourcing vessels for the emerging offshore wind energy market, drawing on our own experience of working on wind farms since 2001.

Contract Preparation: We can look after negotiations, clause amendments and the identification of liabilities. With our unique BIMCO experience, we minimise the risk of not understanding what you’re signing and discovering the implications when it’s too late.

Sales & Purchase: Simply give us your required vessel parameters and we will provide you with full vessel details, and an “at a glance” summary of a selection of vessels which meet your requirements.

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Our Expertise

From providing actionable recommendations on vessel selection to advising project managers to liabilities assessment and contract resolution, we support you throughout the project’s duration. we eliminate the risks of getting decisions wrong by drawing on our 30 years of hands-on experience that extends far beyond that of other shipbrokers.

Our Network

Over the course of three decades we have built a network of the most experienced and highly rated people in the industry. From heavy lifters to consultants to surveyors to engineers and more, whatever is needed we know who to turn to. this gives you the reassurance knowing that your success is supported by the best in the business.

Our Process

Buying or chartering a vessel is a complicated process with many steps. no one tells you how to do it or how to avoid the costly mistakes, which often don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late. At Harmony Marine we take care of complex decision making for you. we will handle all the documentation, negotiate a price, assess your liabilities and avoid the expensive pitfalls. You gain the right vessels you need at the right price.