HMSJU 147: C7 Jack Up Barge for hire

Harmony Marine Shipbrokers (HMS) are Jack Up Barge specialists. We have 258 construction Jack Ups in our database, located in regions across the world, and having deck load capacity ranging  from 80 t to 4,500 t.

HMS manage all aspects of booking the vessel, negotiating & drawing up the hire contract (HMS are full members of BIMCO) & liaising throughout the period of the charter.

HMSBAR 147 is a C 7 modular Jack Up Barge,which is ideal for Geo-technical work/drilling & piling etc, and is available for charter hire from mid March 2020. The Jack Up is currently located in the UK but can be easily shipped to global locations. 

Main Features

  • Modular design for easy transport as “container” cargo
  • Class leading C 7 design
  • 520 m2 deck area
  • 400 t deck load capacity (ideal for up to 300 t crawler crane + associated equipment)
  • 31.5 m free leg length

Standard Equipment: Hydraulic Power Packs, Navigation Shapes and Lights,                                                         Bollards, Handrails

Optional Equipment: Hydraulic Winches, Safety Boat, Knuckle Boom Crane, Access                                                    Walkways, Cantilever Platforms.

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Vessel Specs

Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 30.5 x 18.3 x N/A
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deckload (m): 400
Leg Length: 38m (31.5m free leg length)
Crane: optional - up to 300 t crawler crane
Other: Hydraulic Winches, Safety Boat, Knuckle Boom Crane, Access Walkways, Cantilever Platforms.