HMSJU 215 : Modular C5 Jack-up barge for hire, 80-100 t Deckload

From our large range of modular Jack Up Barges for hire, see this 2013 built Jack-up barge with 80 t -100 t deck load, & 27m legs  available for charter hire or sale in N Europe.

This class of  Self Elevating Platforms predominantly operate in the geo-technical arena, so in coastal and inland waters. The platform allows for approx. 80-100 T deck load and has standard spuds of  27 m length, extendable to approx. 32 m.

Due to the modular structure these units are easy and cost effective to transport by road or ship. Drilling slots or moonpools to facilitate the drilling works can easily be created by shifting the modular pontoons during the assembly of the platform or integration of a drilling slot in one or more pontoons.

This Jack Up is also available for sale, click here to see sale details

Main Features

  • Modular for easy transport
  • Popular “C5” standard size units with excellent safety record
  • 27m legs (extendable to 32m) allowing working in up to 19.5m depth
  • Up to 100t deckload
  • Deck area 220 m2
  • 14m per hour jacking speed

Operational conditions

  • Water depth                                      19.5 m
  • Maximum wave height                  2.0 m
  • Wind speed                                        50.0 km / hr
  • Air gap to still water line               3.5 m

Survival conditions

  • Water depth                                      19.5 m
  • Maximum wave height                  3.0 m
  • Wind speed1                                     20.0 km / hr
  • Air gap to still water line               3.5 m

Vessel Specs

Year Built: 2013
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 18.0 x 15. x N/A
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deckload (m): 100
Leg Length: 27