HMSMC 117: 19m “Multicat” type Workboat available for charter

19m “Multicat” type Workboat available for charter prompt, ideal medium sized workboat for anchor handling/dredging support/marine construction etc.

Main features

  • Twin screw propulsion
  • 65t/m Deckcrane
  • Deck winch with 40t holding power
  • Accommodation for 4 crew

Vessel Specs

Year Built: 1997
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 19 x 8 x 1.8
Propulsion: Twin Screw

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Bollard Pull (t): 12
Crane 1: Effer 65000/4SL—65tm (with 6t winch and r/c), 11t@5.3m/ 4t@ 13.7m
Winch: North Sea Winches - 17t pull, 40t brake, warp head, Tugger winch 5t
BHP: 960
Accommodation: 4