HMSTUG 646 : Long Range Towing Tug for hire – 150t bollard pull

From our large selection of Anchor Handling Tugs for hire, this large Anchor Handling Tug is available now in Sri Lanka. With 12,000 bhp + bow & stern thrusters, this highly capable tug is ideal for Rig moves, anchor handling, ocean towage & salvage work.

Main Features

  • Twin screw propulsion + thrusters fwd & aft
  • 150t Bollard Pull
  • Double drum “waterfall” towing winches
  • 2,050 m3 Heavy Oil bunker capacity, giving huge towing range without bunker stops, using low cost fuel
  • 350t swl sternroller
  • 600 m3 /hr water/foam for firefighting

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Vessel Specs

Year Built: 2007
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 68.0 x 16.4 x 5.2
Propulsion: Twin Screw

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Bollard Pull (t): 150
Crane 1: 1x hydraulic telescopic crane, 2 tons x 14m
Winch: Hydraulic Waterfall Double Drum Type Brake Holding Capacity @ 400 tons
BHP: 12,000
Accommodation: 36
Deckspace (m2): 350