HMSJU 078 : Heavy Duty Jack Up Barge for hire – 785 t deck load capacity

From our large selection of Jack Up Barges, we offer this substantial 8 leg Jack Up Barge which is ideally suited to heavy duty construction projects including foundations & monopiles for Offshore Wind Farms. The unit is also equipped for drilling & has accommodation for 40 personnel.

HMSJU 078 is a monohull 8-legged jack-up barge. The jack-up can provide support for a variety of marine operations including geotechnical investigation, foundation piling and general heavy lift marine construction operations including installation, operations and maintenance (O&M) and decommissioning for offshore wind farms. HMSJU 078 underwent a full refurbishment early 2023.

Main Features

  • 785 t deck load
  • 1,630 m2 deck space
  • 8 legs (shorter pre-loading/jacking -greater safety)
  • 40 m operating depth
  • 220 t capacity deck crane
  • Fully equipped for piling/drilling
  • Accommodation for 40 persons in 20 x 2 man cabins +galley, mess room, recreation room, toilets, showers, a laundry as well as office, workshop and store rooms.

Vessel Specs

Year Built: 1978-rebuilt 2018
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 60.0 x 32.0 x 2.8
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deckload (m): 785
Deckspace (m2): 1,630
Leg Length: 45
Crane: Huisman PMC 6200-30, 220t capacity
Accommodation: 40
Other: 17m square moonpool