New “Multi-Jack” Marine Accommodation Concept ready to build


In March 2023, Harmony Marine Shipbrokers was granted a patent for a dramatic evolution in marine accommodation, and other commercial uses,- the “Multi-Jack” which is now ready to build & seeking orders.

A “Multi-Jack” is a new type of Jack Up Barge, with multiple decks built into a Jack Up structure, which generates a vast increase in the amount of available space, (14,400m2 in a footprint of just 60 x 42m), but still retains all the jacking functions & benefits.

This in turn, allows the highly modular construction to be used for a large variety of marine commercial uses, such as:

  •  Commercial Project Workers Accommodation – a significant evolution & improvement on floating accommodation barges (which are now rarely available) – no berth is required, which enables them to get close to the site of marine construction works, or as riverside accommodation for projects in crowded cities such as Antwerp or Rotterdam. Utilising Pullman berths, Multi-Jack Project units will be designed to offer both single & double occupancy, with up to 330 persons in single occupancy, and Ca. 550 with double occupancy.
  • Hotels of various types – 4 star tourist hotel for busy city on a river, or 5 star+ for exotique or environmentally sensitive areas/Student accommodation in a busy city… Multi-Jack Hotel layouts can be designed for maximum effect & efficiency.
  •  Commercial & Retail centres – shopping mall/office complex near a densely populated marine conurbation where there is demand, but no land availble for redevelopment or adding new facilities.
  • Migrant Reception Centres – Custom designed layouts to suit the purpose, bright , decent temporary accommodation & other facilities – easy to locate, control & service.
  • Car Parks –Relieve congestion in a harbour or city on a river – with a footprint of just 60x 40m, a Multi-Jack Car Park can provide parking for over 550 cars

And those units can be placed in myriad inshore marine locations, harbours, rivers, estuaries, even open coastline – unlike floating barges, a “Multi-Jack” does not need a berth…

Links to brochures

Multi-Jack Accommodation Brochure

Multi-Jack Car Park Brochure

Multi-Jack Project Accommodation Specification Sheet

Design Stage

The Multi-Jack concept has passed Proof of Concept analysis by Naval Architects & final design is in preparation.

Build Time

A shipyard able to carry out the patented construction method  has been identified – construction time would be 18 months- 2 years from date of order, depending on the topsides fitout chosen.

Vessel Specs

Year Built: 2024
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 60 x 42.5 x 6.0
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deckspace (m2): 14,400
Leg Length: 50
Accommodation: 550
Spud Legs: 6
Spud Leg Length (m): 50
Accommodation: 330 rooms -Ca. 550 persons in double occupancy
Other: Large Restaurant, Lounge & social areas, Laundry rooms etc