HMSBAR 493: Stabilised Barge for hire in UK

For some jobs that require a stable work platform, but are in fairly sheltered waters, a Stabilised Barge, rather than a full Jack Up Barge can be a very cost effective solution.

A Stabilised Barge is a cross between a Spud Leg Barge, which only holds position by lowering passive legs to the seabed, & a Jack Up Barge which actively jacks the barge completely out of the water using its hydraulically driven legs.

A stabilised barge has spuds, but these are active, hydraulically powered spuds, that take the weight of the barge, but do not jack the barge entirely out of the water, utilising both the hydraulic power of the spud legs, and the buoyancy of the barge, resulting in a very stable platform, with high deck capacity, but at lower cost.

HMSBAR 493, available for hire now on the South UK coast, is an ideal example of these highly capable, low cost stable platforms, which are particularly suitable for Geo tech drilling work, of weather sensitive crane works in sheltered areas, such as estuaries, rivers & harbours.

Main Features

  • Convenient 30 x 15m size
  • Modular construction for easy transport & assembly/disassembly
  • Modules are road transportable
  • 280 t deck load capacity
  • 24 m hydraulically powered legs

Vessel Specs

Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 30.48 x 14.63 x 1.68
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deckload (m): 280
Leg Length: 24
Crane: optional
Other: Optional Winches, Anchors, Fenders, Crane Mats, Hand Railing