HMSBAR 188 : Two “sister” Flattop Barges with loading ramp

Two general purpose flattop barges for sale or charter, also available with optional 4pt mooring system (4 x 30T hydraulic driven winches + 2 x 162kw Diesel HPU + 300m Wire Ropes + 4 x 2.5T Anchor) for an additional Eur 520,000 per barge

Vessel Specs

Year Built: 2014
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 55 x 15.24 x 3.05
Propulsion: Non propelled

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deadweight (t): 1,359
Deck Strength (t/ m2): 10
Deckspace (m2): 810
Mooring System: Optional @ Eur 500,000 per barge
Other: 7.5m long x 3.7m wide Ramp Door