HMSCB 229 : New Concept Crew Transfer Vessel with advanced aerodynamics – Build slot available

Join the new era of Crew Transfer Vessels! These latest technology crew boats incorporate advanced aerodynamic principles to generate lift rather resistance,resulting in twice the speed for half the fuel… The first of these highly advanced & efficient vessels was delivered to a logistics specialist in W Africa in February following extensive research trials, & the next build slot for this 25 passenger version (12 & 60 passenger versions are also available)

With high levels of control & manoeuvrability from their twin water jet propulsion,These vessels are game-changers for offshore wind farms & offshore platforms of all types & for any location requiring high speed crew travel, even in shallow water (the 12 passenger “Shuttle” version draws just 0.65m)

Build time is approximately 12 months, depending on the clients exact requirements (Build design can be modified to suit client needs for each build)


Main Features

  • Customisable fast build
  • Aerodynamics extensively researched using Computational fluid dynamics
  • Large fuel savings when compared to conventional craft (9 litres per passenger per 100 km for this vessel / 30 litres per passenger per 100 km for the latest designs of conventional vessel
  • Cruising speed 40kts
  • 25 Passengers
  • Twin engines (1,200bhp total) with surface propellers (recommended) or waterjets (as option)

Price: on application

Vessel Specs

Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 15.3 x 12.1 x N/A
Propulsion: Waterjets

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Other: 3.5t cargo payload (inc passengers)