HMSOV 758 : Propelled Deck Cargo Barge for sale – Heave compensated cargo deck and Dynamic Positioning

We can offer for sale, this rarely available, sophisticated Propelled Deck Cargo Barge which is capable of carrying a 2,200 tonne load, maintain a precise position or track, and then keep the cargo deck stable with a sophisticated heave compensation system, allowing heavy lifting operations at sea.

These unique capabilities are enhanced by a hydraulic tension winch mooring system allowing this vessel to tie up to a “dumb” barge at sea, effectively turning another transport barge into a DP controlled barge for lifting operations on site. 

Wide cargo tracks on deck have a massive 190 t/m2 deck strength

Main Features

  • Ability to Carry Heavy Deck Cargo on Board : HMSOV 758 has main deck with two pathways reinforced for passage of SPMT’s (PS & SB) and heavy load points for supports of heavy cargo. HMSOV 758 is outfitted by compensating system for lifting operations and hydraulic sea fastening system for cargo. Deck area can be temporarily expanded by removing accommodation containers for short sailing.
  • Fast and Efficient Loading and Discharging Capability : Ballasting system consists of 3 ballast pumps 600 cubic meter per hour each. Ballasting capacity enables her to perform load outs of 1000 Tons of cargo within 55 minutes when the cargo is rolled on board with SPMTs.
  • High Precision Position and Heading Keeping Ability :DP1 system enables to keep a stationary position within 7 cm with calibrated and corrected GPS signals.The vessel is also able to follow a pre-defined track route with high accuracy at a desired constant speed in special DP Mode. She is also able to follow another moving vessel in special DP Mode.
  • DP Redundancy for High Reliability : Second local positioning reference system brings redundancy to her position keeping ability and thus more reliability. Positioning is achieved by 4 independent deck mounted diesel powered azimuth thrusters each 478 kWatt of power

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Vessel Specs

Year Built: 1981 totally rebuilt 2014
Dimensions (LOA x B x D): 77.0 x 18.35 x 4.4
DP Class: DP 1
Propulsion: Quad Screw

Additional Specs for this Vessel Type

Deadweight (t): 2,200
Deck Strength (t/ m2): 190
Mooring System: Tension controlled hydraulic mooring winches