Multicat (HMSMC 013) Mobilises for Nav Buoy work in Mozambique

HMSMC 013, a Damen 2409 Multicat. owned by a leading British marine services operator, has mobilised from the UAE for works replacing navigation buoys along 56 nm of the Maputo approach channel.

The 4,000 nautical mile deployment is the longest ever undertaken by this vessel.During the passage, through known piracy waters, the vessel will be protected by a team of armed guards.

Works to replace more than 50 navigation buoys will commence late February 2019 & works will continue 24/7 until completion. HMSMC 013 was chartered via Harmony Marine by a specialist subsea services company based in Reunion Island. The same client chartered HMSTUG 295, a 2609 Shoalbuster, last year & has other works also planned in 2019.



February 8, 2019 News